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Jerry can cleaning kit.

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Jerry can cleaning kit. Empty Jerry can cleaning kit.

Post by BigV8 on Sun May 17, 2015 6:43 pm

So was goi g to put this in the project thread but was unsure if it suited there so put it here instead.
After seeing this in a group chat I thought I'd give it a go myself...
Jerry can cleaning kit. 8C8BB623-A3FC-49C8-9A98-CFFC4105A13B

First the Jerry can- a freebie I found in a skip
Jerry can cleaning kit. 353F11DC-0E83-44A2-8147-DA0D09E18CDC

Took to cutting it with a dremel... Not this takes foreveeeerrrrr!!!! So I'd recommend using an angle grinder with a .5 plasma disc. Finished the other three sides in the time it took to do one with the dremel.
Jerry can cleaning kit. 7E787512-C4D7-4CF3-A638-CC3285B17F6B

Jerry can cleaning kit. 0EC80675-C6FC-4CA7-BED6-24236DCBAABA

More to come...

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Jerry can cleaning kit. Empty Re: Jerry can cleaning kit.

Post by MissLeighMcKay on Sun May 17, 2015 9:43 pm

Looks good @BigV8! Keep us posted on the progress

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